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Primrose Kindergarten Testimonials

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Admission to Kindergarten 2017 closing soon.
Sharanya Gopinath
Batch of 1995, The first child of Primrose

Even today, 22 years later, the thought of Primrose brings me a rush of fond memories. Exposure to art, music and culture besides values and societal skills are only the beginning of a long list of lifetime gifts that Primrose has given me. Martha Aunty and Solly Thatha (Uncle) looked after us not just as students, but as their own children. I thank my parents for having chosen to send me to Primrose (I am proud to be their first ever student!) a decision which gave my life sturdy foundation. Passing by the school each time, I am still overcome by delight at how lucky I and so many other children have been and continue to be, to experience Primrose. Long live Primrose!

– Sharanya Gopinath, Alumnus

Test 2 - Pierre_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Jadon Pierre & Jason Stein
Batch of 2011, 2012

We are glad that our two sons Jadon Pierre and Jason Stein had an excellent foundation at Primrose School. The loving nature of all the teachers and even non-teaching staff has made a big difference in the lives of our kids. The teaching was excellent by dedicated teachers. Our kids were trained extremely well in different areas like handwriting, vocabulary and especially in their knowledge of English. The English pronunciation of our two sons is excellent, thanks to Primrose School. The ambience of the school was pleasant and well maintained. As parents, we felt that our kids were in a safe and a secure environment. Our family is indebted to Primrose School.

– Obeth & Rebecca Pierre, Parents

Test 3 - Oberoi_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Prisha Oberoi
Batch of 2011

Primrose is like a second home to our daughter, Prisha. Her journey started during her kindergarten years and is still continuing with after- school day care now. The values and principles imbibed by Mrs Martha Howie and the teachers of Primrose make every child confident, obedient and disciplined which shapes them  for their further schooling. The other staff are equally responsible and caring. The extra-curricular activities like fancy dress, annual day function and sports enhances the overall development of the child and teaches them teamwork and social values. The kids are given personal attention with regular feedback to the parents about the kids` development. The two years that my child spent in Primrose helped her blossom from a little toddler to a confident bright child.

Dr. Prashanth & Sudipta Oberoi, Parents

Test 4 - Renaux_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Marciano & Macayla Renaux
Batch of 2013

Primrose Day Care: Our twin kids were about to close one year and my husband and I faced the challenge of finding a suitable and safe crèche / day care for them. One of my relatives recommended Primrose. A tele conversation with Mrs. Martha Howie, a visit to Primrose and our decision was immediately taken – this was the best place for our kids. Our kids spent five years at Primrose Day Care. The individual care, love, guidance and comfort made Primrose a ‘Home away from Home’. Primrose was as safe as home for our children and their health and hygiene were well taken care of. They were given all the care and concern they needed in our absence. I would definitely say that Primrose created a positive environment for our kids in their formative years. A big thank you to TEAM PRIMROSE. Our kids will always remember you.

– Mark & Maria Renaux, Parents

Primrose Kindergarten: At Primrose Kindergarten, our kids were given a strong foundation and individual attention. The Management and teachers were absolutely dedicated, friendly and always took that ‘extra step’ to make kindergarten a pleasurable experience for our kids. We were always given regular updates. Our kids enjoyed an innovative and well structured environment. A special mention on the very creative and entertaining annual day celebrations. Every kid was given an opportunity to perform either in drama, song or dance. This made the kids feel special and made us parents feel so proud. I am ever thankful to Primrose and would highly recommend them.

– Mark & Maria Renaux, Parents

Test 5 - Samuels_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Sophia & Samantha Samuel
Batch of 2014, 2016

We are incredibly blessed to have both our daughters Sophia and Samantha attending Primrose Kindergarten. As soon as you enter the school each day, you are greeted by such friendly engaging and nurturing teachers and staff members. They take the time to know each child and their families. Every day we hear stories from our daughters about the fun and learning they have experienced. Primrose addresses the educational needs of our children as well as their emotional and social well-being. Primrose has helped shape our daughters to be confident individuals. We cannot thank Martha Maam and all the other staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our daughters.

– Jebaraj and Gracia Samuel, Parents

Test 6 - Selvams_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Hubert Shadrach
Batch of 2016

Our son has been at Primrose since he was a year and a half. Over these past two years he has enjoyed his time both at the day-care and school. His learning includes not only academics but also essential manners and etiquette that he needs as an individual. Teachers at Primrose introduce children to the world of art, music and dancing at a young age and the management works towards keeping them fit both physically and mentally through sports and yoga. However, they do all of this at the pace of the child so as not to give them and their parents undue pressure. Overall, I can say that Primrose has played an important part in the development of my son from a toddler to a child.

– Vinoo & Judy, Parents

Test 7 - Shiloh_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Shiloh Grace
Batch of 2011

I consider this my pleasure to pen down a few words about Primrose where I had enrolled my daughter for kindergarten education. Indeed, this is a school that nurtures young minds with Christian values, discipline, devotion and love for others. The school begins with singing chorus accompanied on the piano and prayer. Learning takes place at various levels through classroom activities and outdoor play. The children imbibe English pronunciation and diction in the right manner. They explore creatively and bring out artistic skills in them. Experienced, talented and energetic teachers bring out the best in every child. Each child’s potential is tapped and their talents are displayed through on-stage performances. Their Annual Day is a glorious celebration of their talents. The school provides a secure environment and trains them to be independent, eat on their own, with assistant teachers and ayahs to take good care of the kids and washrooms that are properly maintained. The day care facility serves a nourishing hot meal at mid-noon after which they are put to sleep. In the evening, they play in the play area. A day well-spent in school is worth fond memories. Every parent would wish their child spends the day interestingly and usefully.

– Grace Serene, Mother 

Magima Bharatan
Batch of 2013

Our daughter Magima had the wonderful privilege of beginning  her education in Primrose Kindergarten. She loved going to school  every day  and looked forward to the morning time of playing on the cycle and the new action songs. The teachers were very kind and caring and took great efforts in teaching the children their alphabets and numbers. Each class has limited children so there is individual attention given to each child with two teachers coaching every child. Parents are intimated regularly on the progress of the child with a good system of marking them on lessons as well as on other activities and discipline. The physical needs of the children are attended to by well trained caregivers.  Magima still talks of her happy days in Primrose and we are glad we chose Primrose Kindergarten to start her on her school life.

– Dr. Sheila Daniel, Mother

Test 8 - Dawson_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Philaso Dawson
Batch of 2015 - Present

When I walked into Primrose with my granddaughter, Philaso & her parents, the first thing that caught my eyes was the greenery. The friendly atmosphere and the ambience captured my heart. Philaso loves to go to school and never cries to go to school in the mornings. The songs, the dance & the various activities keep her happy. The friendly atmosphere, yet firm discipline and the caring touch has gone a long way in shaping her. The choice of teaching material and methods are of a good standard allowing every child to progress at his or her own pace making learning challenging and a pleasure. In short, Philaso is very happy at school… a home away from home.

– Mrs. Sneha Dawson, Grandmother & Ex-Principal, Doveton Corrie Girls Hr. Sec School

Reshma & Aashiqa Rehman
Batch of 2012, 2016

My daughters Reshma and Aashiqa studied their kindergarten in Primrose. We burnt our fingers with a well-known school and pulled out Reshma from the school. At Primrose, Martha Madam understood Reshma’s fear and helped her get over it within the first week. Madam and her team of warm and professional teachers and committed and friendly staff have made learning a joyful experience for my daughters. My daughters learnt to read story books while in UKG. Thanks to Primrose, my daughters are doing great in Chennai Public School now.

– Shanas Rehman, Mother

Karthik_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Batch of 2013

As a parent of K.Karthikeyan, it gives me immense pleasure in saying my son got the opportunity to study in Primrose Kindergarten, where our child was taught good behavior and discipline along with good education. One could say it’s a home away from home to the little angels who have taken their first stride to become great in life someday. One could easily notice the care and affection imparted to all the kids by the teaching and non-teaching staff. I consider that my son is blessed to have studied in Primrose Kindergarten for 3 years under the guidance of Madam Martha, the principal of that institution.

K. Vinod, Father

Test 10 - Sundars_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Romila & Lehari Sundar
Batch of 2008 till date

Primrose Kindergarten has been a second home to our children since our elder daughter began attending play school and day care in 2007. At Primrose, they have learnt by example the important values of kindness, sharing, empathy and courtesy. They are encouraged to be disciplined and diligent at the work, and respectful to their teachers and care-givers. The social and economic diversity among the students, staff and teachers has helped our children to be open-minded and receptive to those different from themselves. These values, we hope, will help them to become responsible, dependable and productive citizens. I recommend Primrose Kindergarten to those parents who are looking to complement the authoritative parenting their children receive at home. At Primrose, children are nurtured with warmth in a clean and healthy environment, by the staff and care-givers, under the active supervision of teachers & Mrs. Howie. Children are encouraged to participate in various activities, national and religious festivals and birthday parties. This has created a sense of community and social life among them, helping them to build friendships, which we hope will continue as they grow up.

– Giridar & Swapna Sundar, Parents

Rittika Sethu
Batch of 2007

அப்போது புரசைவாக்கத்தில் வீடு. ஆஃபிஸ் கீழ்பாக்கத்தில். பத்து, பதினைந்து டே கேர், க்ரஷ்’ என்று தேடி அலைந்து –PRIMROSE’ வந்து பார்த்தவுடனே மனம் நிறைவானேன்.
1. வெளிச்சமும் காற்றோட்டமுமான இடம்
2. குழந்தைகளுக்கான டாய்லெட் எப்போதும் எந்த நேரமும் க்ளீனாக வைத்திருப்பது
3.மேடம் ஹௌவி சர்ப்ரைஸ் விஸிட் கொடுத்து, பிள்ளைகளை கவனித்தவாறே இருப்பது. இவைதாம் காரணங்கள்.
2007 ல் என் மகளுக்கு (Rittika Sree) இரண்டு வயது இருக்கும்போது ப்ரைம் ரோஸில் சேர்த்தேன். பத்து வருடங்களாக, இன்று வரை இந்த மூன்று விசயங்கள் இதே போலத்தான் இருக்கின்றன.  கிண்டர் கார்டனே, டே கேர் – ஆகவும் செயல்படுவதால் பிள்ளைகள் ஓடி ஆடி விளையாட இட வசதி, எல்லாப் பிள்ளைகளோடும் கலந்து பழக வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்கிறது. எனது வீடு போல, சில சமயங்களில் வீட்டை விடவும் பாதுகாப்பும் கவனமும் அரவணைப்புமான  ‘டே கேராக’ என் மகளுக்கு PRIMROSE இருக்கிறது.

– Brindha Sethu, Mother

Test 11 - Hamna_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Hamna Fathima
Batch of 2015

My association with Primrose Kindergarten has been very pleasant and highly enriching. When I stepped into the school’s premises for the first time, I was filled with apprehensions, as any parent would. Being a single mother, juggling a fulltime job and an active toddler is indeed a challenging task. However, speaking to Mrs Howie (Headmistress) instantly put my unfounded fears to rest. My daughter has enjoyed two wholesome, enriching years at Primrose. The skilled teachers, the caring staff, and the colourful classrooms have created a conducive environment for children to blossom. Today, I can see my once-shy daughter brimming with confidence and a healthy curiosity to learn everything about the mesmerizing world around her. I owe it to Primrose for their tireless efforts in bringing out the best in my child.

– Yusra Afshan, Mother

Test 12 - Lang_Primrose Best Kindergarten_Kilpauk
Nathaniel Nicholas Lang
Batch of 2014

Since joining Primrose Kindergarten our son, Nathaniel Nicholas Lang, has developed in so many ways. Our son has had the most amazing time at Primrose Kindergarten. The teachers are very approachable to the parents. Warm and loving care. Supportive and nurturing. Our experience of Primrose Kindergarten has been fantastic and we would definitely recommend it to others.

– Creena & Telford Lang, Parents

Rohit Naidu
Rohit Naidu
Batch of 2003

Primrose Kindergarten will always have a special place in my heart. It was there where I took my first steps to express myself while learning to read and write. It has shaped my future in such a profound way, from little things like holding a pencil to giving respect to all my elders. The teachers at Primrose displayed an immense amount of affection and also the most important aspect… patience, to me and my classmates. School trips helped me gain an insight into the real world at such a young age. The lessons we learned in our classrooms depict the real reason of what we are today. Kind, respectful and having a sense of gratitude. I will surely cherish these lessons and experiences for the rest of my life. The environment and atmosphere is really positive, and I reminisce about times I laughed and enjoyed my time there. The principal, Mrs. Martha Howie, has played a very vital role in my life, in many personal ways too. She was the best principal I’ve ever had till my 12th grade. The generosity and hard work she put into making such a great establishment inspires all of us. Without Primrose, I would’nt have been as confident as I am today. This place is truly magical! Where words cannot describe it!!

– Rohit Naidu, Alumnus

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Admission to Kindergarten 2017 closing soon.
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